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Ventura Murder Defense Attorney

When facing murder charges, a defendant’s very life may be on the line. This is because in certain cases murder may be charged as a capital felony, punishable by death. Even “lesser” murder charges may be punishable by up to 25 years to life in state prison. Murder is defined as unlawfully killing another human being, with premeditation (planning) and malice aforethought. It may also include causing the death of another (even when accidental) during the commission of a felony offense. This is often referred to as the “felony murder rule”.

In the face of the most serious criminal charges you can face, you need experienced, aggressive representation. You need a criminal lawyer with the knowledge and dedication to pull you through. You need a law firm on your side with the resources needed to conduct an independent investigation, work with expert witnesses and dedicate the time and effort necessary to build the strongest defense strategy possible.

Being accused of or under investigation for murder is a serious situation to be in and your choice of criminal defense lawyer will directly impact the outcome of your case.

Defending Murder Charges in Ventura, California

Defending murder charges can be exceedingly difficult, but with the right legal counsel it is possible to avoid a conviction for this offense. For example, an act of self defense or defense of others should not be classified as murder, and if your attorney is able to prove this you can avoid a murder conviction. There are also ways to prove that the incident was unintentional and was not pre-planned. The particular defense strategy that an attorney is able to use will vary widely from case to case. However, it is important to remember that there are numerous ways an attorney can protect your rights, uncover weaknesses in the prosecution’s case and otherwise help you face a better case outcome.

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