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Ventura Domestic Violence Attorney

Criminal Lawyers Serving Ventura, California

Domestic violence is defined as the assault or abuse of a family member, spouse, former spouse, or person that you share a residence with. Domestic violence may include acts of sexual abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse, child abuse, child molestation or child endangerment. All of these are extremely serious, and a domestic violence accusation alone can have disastrous effects on you and your family.

Accused of domestic violence? Consult a Ventura criminal defense lawyer at Eisner Gorin LLP today. We know what is on the line. We know that your future is in danger, and that your relationship with your family is likely to suffer. Let an attorney at our firm review your particular situation in order to determine what we can do to effectively represent your interests and help you avoid any further negative consequences of these allegations.

Ventura Domestic Violence Charges

Domestic violence is most often charged as a felony in California. A conviction may result in the following penalties (depending upon the particular case, as well as the jurisdiction):

  • Up to 4 years in state prison
  • Fine of up to $6,000

If a child is the victim, a defendant may face increased penalties for a conviction. This includes up to 6 years in prison and/or a fine of up to $6,000.

Once the police become involved in a domestic dispute, there is often no turning back. Once they are called to the scene, it is more than likely that law enforcement will make an arrest. At that point, it is no longer in the hands of the victim to decide whether to press charges against the alleged abuser. The district attorney will decide whether to bring a case to court.

Consult a Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer

You deserve aggressive representation if you are to have a chance of avoiding a conviction for domestic violence. Consult a Ventura domestic violence defense lawyer at Eisner Gorin LLP – and you can find out what your rights and options are at this point. There is hope, and a skilled attorney at our firm can investigate your situation to determine what can be done to protect your future.

Contact our firm today to see how we can assist you in fighting your domestic abuse charges.

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